Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are ideal for improving the aesthetics of a room and can cover unsightly services such as air conditioning, plumbing and electrical wiring. They can also provide a solution to acoustics, increase thermal properties and offer fire protection.

We supply and install various types of suspended ceilings (false ceilings) ranging from exposed grid (lay-in ceilings) to modular concealed grid systems using only high quality materials from manufacturers including Armstrong/Zentia, AMF, Burgess, British Gypsum, CEP, Danoline, Ecophon, OWAcoustic, Rockfon and Treetex.

Suspended ceiling tiles can be supplied in a variety of different materials including:-

Mineral Fibre Ceilings

The most common type of ceiling tiles are manufactured from mineral fibre which consists of various different materials usually Perlite, Clay, Mineral Wool, Paper Pulp, Starch, Binders & Stabilisers with a thin decorative covering. They are available in a huge range of designs from manufacturers such as Armstrong/Zentia, AMF, CEP, OWAcoustic and Treetex and offer good value for money. Mineral fibre is a good choice for office ceiling tiles.

Glass Fibre Ceilings

As the name suggest these types of tiles are manufactured from extremely fine fibres of glass and have a thin decorative face made from tissue. They are very light weight and are also superb at sound absorption and enhance thermal efficiency. Due to these ceiling tiles being made from glass fibre they are also very good in areas with high relative humidity and are fully recyclable. Manufacturers of these tiles include Ecophon, Armstrong/Zentia, CEP, AMF and OWAcoustic.

Rock Fibre Ceilings

These are very similar to glass fibre ceilings but with a higher melting point and therefore can also be used for fire protection. This type of ceiling material is also ideal for health care environments. The main manufacturer is Rockfon.

Plastic Faced Plasterboard Ceilings

Manufactured from plasterboard with a vinyl faced covering these tiles are ideal for kitchen and food preparation areas as they are easily wiped down. The most common manufacturers are British Gypsum, CEP and Danoline.

Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are generally specified for their durability and are available plain or with a variety of perforation patterns. They provide a solution to clean environments such as laboratories and are available with a anti-bacterial finish. They are fully recyclable and are available from various different manufacturers including Burgess and Armstrong.

Suspended Ceilings Installation

Gridpart Interiors Ltd will work in conjunction with builders, contractors, architects and private clients to ensure your new suspended ceilings are supplied and installed to the highest standards and in the most cost effective way. Whichever type of suspended ceiling you require, and with our expertise in ceiling installation you can be confident that you are in safe hands with Gridpart Interiors.

Our goal is simple, to satisfy our customer requirements and achieve repeat business.

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